About Us

Who is Anabaptist Renewal Circles?

anointing-001Anabaptist Renewal Circles began in June 2011 as a conversation between several pastors and church leaders who were very concerned about the spiritual health of the Mennonite Church. We are seeking new ways to encourage each other in common faith, ministry, and mission. We are about renewal. Our focus is on activities that produce life and vitality rather than the ongoing cultural debate about sexuality. We are dreaming of a biblical covenanted community where our unity is inspired and shaped by the authoritative Word of God. Our passion is our shared commitment to make disciples of Jesus Christ so that we are raising new generations of followers who will proclaim the gospel of Christ to quench the eternal thirst in the human heart.

Our Vision

To mobilize the Mennonite and Anabaptist community to bear witness to the transforming grace of Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our Commitments

We commit ourselves:

  • To be radical in our love for the Lord and compassion for our neighbors
  • To be full of His grace and truth as we passionately follow Jesus
  • To earnestly seek more of the Holy Spirit and His transforming power
  • To rejoice in the holistic witness of Scripture
  • To affirm the Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective and call the church to faithfulness
  • To joyfully embrace Biblical sexuality as taught by Jesus and His apostles
  • To understand our brokenness and in humility seek spiritual renewal
  • To encourage fellowship in the Mennonite church and welcome a new move of His Spirit

Does it involve any groups outside MC USA, or is this within the one denomination?

While our members are primarily within MC USA, we are not limiting the participation to MC USA’s pastors or church leaders. We desire to build a network with other like-minded followers of Jesus from all Anabaptist denominations.

What is the best way to refer to Anabaptist Renewal Circles? Is it a group? A network? An organization? (What is the preferred noun?)

It is all of the above. It is a group because we want our new participants to agree fully with our Vision Statement and Core Convictions. However, it is also a movement, because we are a loose organization without a formal decision making structure. We want to have wide participation in proclaiming the gospel by working together to grow flourishing communities of believers with the primary focus of making faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.